Preparing Your Rental Property for the Winter Season

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All across the nation, you will find varied weather conditions, and different regions must prepare in various ways. How should you prepare your rental house for your winter season here in Nashville?


Assess your home's exterior doors for any places air escapes. Do this from within the home. The high tech strategy is to utilize a laser infrared gun to discover cold drafts. The low-tech manner is to go a candle that is lit round the door frame; the fire will blow off toward you when there's a draft.

Seal a drafty door by installing felt or foam weatherstripping within the door frame. Request in the hardware store to find the appropriate goods and installation directions

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save around $180 per year on fuel costs, based on EnergyStar. The thermostat will save fuel by reducing (or increasing) your house's temperature while you're away. Additionally, it keeps temperatures constant, conserving gas. Simple programmable thermostats are fairly cheap and easy to set up and can save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

Frozen Pipes

It is a fantastic idea to leave the heat on, even when they go out of town. Everybody likes to save money by turning the heat off if it isn't being used but retaining it on a low setting is much better. This way, it is not toasty warm but also not so chilly the pipes may freeze.

Circulating Warm Air

Disconnect your own water hoses out of the spickets outside and if it gets very cold, such as under 15 degrees, we advise tenants to allow the faucet drip a bit only to keep the water flowing. In addition, we advise opening the cabinets underneath the bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks therefore some hot air can circulate. The renters will need to understand this if there's an issue and the pipes burst or freeze, it is possible to turn off the water.

Window Coverings

It’s surprising how much insulation can be provided by curtains, drapes, shades and even mini blinds. Pulling window coverings at night and when you’re away can conserve heat in the residence. Window coverings are even beneficial is the summer months. In hot weather, draw window coverings in the morning to keep the house cool, saving money on air conditioning.

Even better Heating

We need the tenants to alter air filters each month, and in winter we remind them. Maintaining those filters clean will see to it that the warmth can work at optimum efficiency. It helps prices down and ensure the heat is operating smoothly.

These are only a couple of suggestions for how to prepare your house for winter season.

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