Full Service Property Management in the Nashville Area

We at Colorado Realty and Property Management aim to keep your life simpler, we will take care of all the hard work for you, so that all you have to be is an investor. We have a proven system of finding the best tenants for the properties we manage, and we don't just take in anyone, we do an intensive personal background, criminal background and credit report check.

If you’re considering hiring a property management company in the Nashville area, 615 Management Group could be the right choice for your needs.

We offer full-service property management and leasing services that let you focus on your bottom line while we take care of the rest.

Our highly experienced team of property managers is ready to help you.

We strive to have the best communication of any property management company out there

We give the highest quality services to our owners, residents, and vendors.

Our tenant placement process insures you find a quality residence quickly.

We use both photos and video tours to rent your property quickly!

Our Owner Checklist will help you get started with management today.

Full-Service Property Management Includes:

I'm a tenant of Colorado Realty and Property Management. I have been a tenant for close to 10 years with this company, and one thing I absolutely love about this company is that they're very quick to respond to my maintenance needs.

Tenant for 10 years

Applicant Selection/Screening

  • Collection of all necessary documents for screening
  • Acceptance of only complete applications
  • Pull credit report, eviction report and criminal history background report
  • Check sex offender registry
  • Verify bankruptcy information (if applicable)
  • Verify employment and proof of income
  • Verify previous rental history
  • Verification of pets (breed/age/weight and type) - no dangerous breeds

Marketing of the Property

  • Provide a current Rental Market Analysis
  • Walk the property and advise the Landlord of any concerns or suggestions
  • Photograph the property for marketing purposes
  • Install a professional yard/window sign and lockbox
  • Advertise the property for rent on the top housing websites
  • Respond to prospective tenants by phone and email
  • Show the property Monday – Saturday by appointment only
  • Closely monitor the element of price, property condition and market fluctuations

We offer video tours of your rental property to find more potential tenants faster.

Hear what one of our newest owners has to say about our Nashville property management services

14 years service in Property Management

Property Management & Lease Enforcement

  • Video and photograph the interior and exterior of the property to document the condition prior to tenant move in
  • Re-key property before every new tenant
  • Maintain and manage emergency phone service
  • Review and assign tenant-originated work orders and requests
  • Manage all necessary repairs or maintenance to property
  • Screen, hire, and manage Vendors and Contractors
  • Schedule and manage Property Assessments and walkthroughs
  • Engage attorneys on the landlord’s behalf whenever necessary
  • Full renewal process beginning 90 days prior to the end of the lease, including property survey, rental market analysis and new lease signing
  • Leases are updated annually and include any new legislative items

Lease Execution

  • Prepare the lease documents
  • Manage and handle the lease signing
  • Collect the first month’s rent and security deposit.

Money & Financial Management

  • Establish a Landlord reserve account for minor repairs and maintenance
  • On or before the 14th of each month, send rent proceeds to Landlords
  • Pay Vendors and Contractors for services provided
  • Pay monthly HOA assessments (optional fee)
  • Process Security Deposit Dispositions within legal time limits to avoid penalties

Tenant Management & Lease Enforcement

  • Provide the tenant(s) with keys
  • Set up communication with tenants and emergency phone service
  • Establish strict communication protocol with tenants to protect the landlord’s privacy
  • Collect rent
  • Enforce the lease agreement
  • Handle lease and HOA violations
  • Process and handle evictions
  • Post properties
  • Management of full renewal process and follow up with tenant(s)